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Перенесення "Documents and Settings" на інший диск

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ПовідомленняНаписане: четвер, 28 лютого, 2008 18:29    Тема повідомлення: Перенесення "Documents and Settings" на інший диск Відповісти цитуючи


1. Install the linkd utility from the Windows 2000 Pro Resource Kit (It isn’t available with the no-cost download of W2K resource kit tools, but I’ll bet the linkd provided with the no-cost download {Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools} is the same thing anyway). Alternatively, try {Junction from Sysinternals}.
2. Make sure you have at least two local users with membership in the local Administrators group. You will need to be able to login as both of these users. For clarity, I’ll call these admin1 and admin2, but you can pick whatever names you like.
3. Make sure that you’ve logged in at least once as each of these users. This will ensure that Windows has created a profile for them. Determine the path to each administrator’s profile. You need to know the directory names under C:\Documents and Settings\ that correspond to each account. If you fail to create a profile before you continue with this procedure, Windows will create the profile while you’re in command-prompt-only-safemode. In that case, it does something a little different and the result will be that it will create a new profile for the user if you try to login after this procedure. That wouldn’t be a disaster, but you would probably want to clean up the abandoned profile and the new/permanent profile would have a funny name like “numbertwo.copland” if your computer is named copland. I’ll assume that these directories are called C:\Documents and Settings\admin1 and C:\Documents and Settings\admin2 so that I can refer to them easily later.
4. Boot into safe mode, command prompt only. Login with an administrative account (admin1).
5. C:\>xcopy /s /e /h /r /k /o /x "Program Files" "D:\Program Files"
6. C:\>xcopy /s /e /h /r /k /o /x "Documents and Settings" "D:\Documents and Settings" ℿ this will result in an error message about file sharing or locking or so.
7. ctrl-alt-del to access the security menu and log out.
8. login as the other administrator (admin2)
9. C:\>xcopy /s /e /h /r /k /o /x /c /y "Documents and Settings" "D:\Documents and Settings"
10. C:\>rd /s "Program Files"
11. C:\>"D:\Program Files\Resource Pro Kit\linkd.exe" "Program Files" "D:\Program Files"
12. C:\>rd /s "Documents and Settings" ℿ this will produce an error about file sharing or locking or so.
13. C:\>cd "Documents and Settings"
14. C:\Documents and Settings>linkd "admin1” “D:\Documents and Settings\admin1“
15. ctrl-alt-del to access the security menu and logout
16. login as admin1
17. C:\>rd /s "Documents and Settings"
18. C:\>linkd "Documents and Settings" "D:\Documents and Settings"
19. ctrl-alt-del to access the security menu and restart into Windows.

Junction http://www.microsoft.com/technet/sysinternals/FileAndDisk/Junction.mspx
NTFS Links for Total Commander http://flint-inc.ru/Russian/Descript/NtfsLinks.html

Q.Можно ли в консоли восстановления WinXP получить доступ к приводу гибких дисков?

A.Для этого в диалоге Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy найдите раздел Local Policy > Security Options и установите параметр Recovery Console: Allow floppy copy and access to all drives and all folders в Enabled.
После этого введите в строке "Выполнить" меню кнопки Пуск команду secedit /refreshpolicy machine_policy - это принудительно обновит политики безопасности. Далее при загрузке консоли восстановления необходимо ввести команду SET AllowRemovable-Media=TRUE, и вы получите полный доступ к флоппи-диску.
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